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         To reserve,  please send us, the following information by email, to info@kingfishercove.com

                          1.  Your preferred dates of stay and the number of nights you wish to stay for, keeping in mind                                          

                                that we have a 5 night minimum stay policy, that we cannot waive during the peak season

                           2.   The number of adults and the number of children in your party,

                           3.   The names of all, and if there are children 19 or under in your party, we also need their ages

                           4.   Your  home address including a postal code or zip code

                           5.   Your phone number(s) and particularly the cell phone number that you will be travelling with

                           6.   Your email address

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K i n g f i s h e r   C o v e
c/o 1002 - 5989 Walter Gage Road, 
Vancouver, B.C.  V6T 0A8
(604) 228-8079