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The following dates/nights are AVAILABLE / NOT YET BOOKED:



                   December 10, th 2017  onward .... all dates available



***Please also see below information about long term rentals in the fall and winter

Please ask about all times of interest to you, even if it seems they are booked, as sometimes changes to dates of bookings are requested, sometimes stays are lengthened and the very rare booking is cancelled, etc.   Therefore, if has not been updated today availabilities may be different than posted, so please phone to check.  

This availabilities list was last updated on Dec 6th, 2017

It is not necessary to book from Saturday to Saturday,  other start and finish days are fine with us! Ferries are generally more convenient and less expensive on weekdays.

The above availabilities are date ranges. You may book 5 days, or 7 days, or more, within these time periods but confirm first in case the posted availability has been taken. Also, sometimes a last minute cancellation happens or a booking changes slightly for some reason and therefore the associated availability also changes. It may therefore be useful to ask even if the above availabilities suggest that the time period you wish is already booked.  For example, sometimes guests who have booked time will vary their booking to allow for yours if they are able to be flexible.   Also, we keep ourselves up to date with the availabilities of neighbouring properties.

Late September 2017 (approximately, the 18th or 19th onward) until the end of March, or April, May of 2017 or for some portion of that time period - we are looking for a suitable tenant to rent the cottage - a single, or a couple looking for a winter retreat or sabbatical on our wonderful property in the moderate Gulf Islands climate.  Please ask for rates and details. In the alternate, and on a first come, first serve basis,  we will continue renting by the week or for a minimum of 5 nights, as usual and at the usual rates.  

Longer stays will typically begin after the last confirmed short stay booking.  Please note, that it is quite easy to fly into Coal Harbour, in Vancouver, or into the floatplane terminal in Richmond/Vancouver by floatplane, from the Gulf Islands, in about 15 to 20 minutes.


K i n g f i s h e r   C o v e
c/o 1002 - 5989 Walter Gage Road,
Vancouver, B.C.  V6T 0A8
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